In accordance with our standards of continuous improvement we are pleased to inform you that the ACP BOSSONG calculation program has been further expanded.

Within this new version of the BOSSONG calculation program, we find new modules for different types of applications:

ANCHOR FIXINGS module, for the design and sizing of structural fixings on concrete

REBAR CONNECTIONS module; for the design and verification of post-installed connections with improved adhesion bars

CEILING module, for the design and verification of ceiling fixing systems

INSULATION FIXINGS (ETICS) module, for the sizing and verification of insulation systems, such as insulation

For all modules the software will return the connection verification report to the user in PDF format.

It is recommended to always update the software in order to have the latest version available.

A prerequisite for correct operation is the installation of Java on your PC

The program operates in a Windows environment

If you want to receive the calculation program, fill in the following fields

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